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HVAC Maintenance: We at hindair technologies offer you cost effective and finest quality Annual Maintenance contract which will always ensure you the smooth functioning of air conditioning unit. Our periodic check up system protects your air conditioning.


Preventive, Predictive, Proactive Maintenance Break – Down Maintenance AMC for Critical & bottle Neck Machine. AMC for Utility like Centrifugal Pump, Cooling Tower. 


An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU),is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. An air handler is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling elements filter racks or chambers sound attenuator and dampers.Air handlers usually connect to a duct work ventilation system that distributes the conditioned air through the building and returns it to the AHU. Sometimes AHU’s discharge (supply) and admit (return) air directly to and from the space served without duct work. 


A cool store or cold store is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat.  


Evaporative cooling is a physical phenomenon in which evaporation of a liquid, typically into surrounding air, cools an object or a liquid in contact with it. Latent heat describes the amount of heat that is needed to evaporative the liquid; this heat comes from the liquid itself and the surrounding gas and surfaces. When considering water evaporating into air, the wet-bulb temperature, as compared to the air’s dry-bulb temperature, is a measure of the potential for evaporating cooling. The greater the difference between the two temperature, the better the evaporative cooling effects. When the temperature are the same, no net evaporation of water in air occurs, thus there is no cooling effect.


The Filter Assembly is a 16 gauge powder coated all welded/ bolted steel enclosure fitted with top, bottom ,and end channels for holding in place pre-filters and high efficiency filters used for removing particulate matter and grease vapors from kitchen exhaust air. Cooking emissions can become a neighborhood nuisance if not properly controlled. Visible smoke & odor may alert authorities to possible compliance problems. An filter assembly removes the seconders and CREATES CLEAN AIR! Designed especially for Light/Medium/ Heavy duty commercial kitchens, the filter assembly can be located at any point, indoor or outdoor, between the kitchen hood and the point of discharge of the exhaust air into the atmosphere


Traditionally, multi-room spaces are air conditioned either by discrete room Acs or a central plant. while traditional DX system are generally efficient, limitations of piping length and system flexibility restrict their choice in many applications. A vrf system combines the advantages of both room AC and central plant to offer you a third, more energy-efficient alternative. this system consists of an outdoor unit with multiple compressors, a mix of indoor unit such as cassettes and high-wall splits and a sophisticated electronic control center that ensure complete climate control in each zone. piping lengths have also increased in VRF system up to 1000m, thus giving enormous flexibility to users. hence VRF today is the first choice globally for the most applications such as offices, software parks residences, hotels and hospitals. the use of the VRF will only grow further in the years to come